Yummy Tart of sweet potato

The Autumn on August. C’mon the sweet potato , crunchy peach, ginkgo, sour apple. I would not dare to think of red and  yellow leaves…because I would very miss them!

There is one thing that is different with every year, this year more rain and storms more. While currently It’s the second half of the summer but more rainy days, sunny day so pleasant weather seems different than many other Augusts.

At the home of “a farmer” in me that is nothing valuable, I only have a few bags of sweet potatoes that are fresh potato peel in begin of this season. Every day I boiled some bulbs that have been peeled, slice and place on the table, so it is eaten by both children and adults. Occasionally that my tastes has change so I will use it as a tart for dessert dishes. Whether there is any kind of tart does it also goes away within half a day.

Formula: (9 units 1 pc tart Medium 20-22cm diameter)


– 1 insole tart (apple tart or tart recipes or any recipe egg tart sole application comments)

– Unconsolidated 300g sweet potato (yam confidential if used, the percentage of milk / cream is reduced)

– 30-70g sugar (depending on sweetness of the potatoes)

– Fresh milk 70-100ml

– 30-50ml cream

– 1 pinch of salt

– 1 egg

– 1 egg yolk + 20ml milk
Sweet potatoes boiled, peeled, finely ground.

Add 1 egg, fresh milk, fresh cream, salt, sugar, blending them into a mixture so constant, smooth.

Pour mixture over potato tart substrate (substrate was grilled or baked profile). Beat egg yolk and 20ml fresh milk. Use a brush to the face egg pie. (The egg yolk mixture leftover food to pass into “porridge ax”)

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius temperature to bake the cake Take 20-35 minutes until cooked, yellow face.
Her slice of cake to take pictures, then both home and ate breakfast, but before holding the camera saw slice disappear!

Then cut the other piece, always handy cut into pieces. Yet finished shooting a few photos, turn to have “lost” more 3 pieces just before lunch! Just the other people “steal” and invite “accomplice”, that is not known to scold anyone, he only.

By now, on the table was exactly 1 1/2 piece by piece on the disk, so that the VV sleep will taste. But did not know existed until not wake VV.

Farmers always like cassava. By now it was delicious dead!

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