Steam & Stew

Wine Steamed Red tilapia

Red tilapia is a fish very familiar to those who love to cook. But today I will instruct you and meticulously detailed with different ways of processing the fish will become a very tasty dish, you will not feel bored while eating it.

– Red tilapia fillets: 2 pieces
– First Scallion: 2 stalks
– Ginger: a 1cm segment
– Sour cream 1 tablespoon
– White wine: 1 tablespoon
– Spices: salt, pepper, sugar.

– Fish fillets wash and drain.
– Investments onions, finely chopped ginger.
– Marinate the fish with onions, ginger, salt and pepper.
– It uses onion fish horizontal column.
– For fish steamed with white wine on impulse.
– Fish cooked, pick a side.
– Countries are steamed fish with a sauce of milk cream, season with salt, pepper, sugar to taste.
– Steamed fish with ginger served with white rice, white wine cream sauce sprinkled over the fish before serving.

Danh mục: Steam & Stew

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