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Water Parsley Saute with Catfish

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The catfish stomach has a crispy , The parsley (grown in water) can be blended with bean sprouts and with the smell of garlic, ginger spicy sliced into yarn. Some dishes seemed very rural but which can also help you create the surprise with the whole family.

– The water parsley 200g
– Bean Sprouts 100g
– Stomach of Catfish 150g
– Ginger 1 tubers
– Minced garlic 1m
– Horn peppers, white wine, vinegar
– Pepper, sugar, salt
– Seeds wedge
– Soy sauce Fuji.
– Water parsley clean water, cut into 4cm shorter. Half the chopped ginger, half cut fibers. Horn peppers cut yarn
– Stomach salt and vinegar wash catfish marinated 1m clean wedge nuts, soy sauce Fuji, minced ginger 1m, 1m white wine, pepper, to saturate.
– Non-aromatic garlic and ginger chopped fibers, for stomach fish fry cooked, pour the plate, the price needs water and fry, seasoning particles wedge with a tps, 1 / 2 tps of sugar. Cooking with enought of fire, let the stomach near the fish and peppers, stirring yarn. Vegetables cooked then turn off the heat.
– Give disc vegetables, sprinkle with pepper, used hot with rice.

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