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The unique style dinner in Hongkong

Chef in Hongkong are flexible chef who knows easily manage before many different culinary traditions, not just the new mixed with old ones including China with the West, but also between luxurious single Once, between coffee with tea. Workmanship and their creativity, along with the love of the city cuisine, has transformed many of the unique dining experience.

Among the only option available only in the following Hongkong, Tim Ho Wan, Bo Innovation, Tai Ping Koon Olala and the places were Michelin stars and nominated browser.
Of gourmet street
The Hongkong will eat almost anything as long been put on the table – any table yet. So to avoid the cost of hiring expensive and instead focus on the food, the owner has cleverly sold his dishes at the booth operated by the government, bringing the delicious dinner for “fat”. Among the restaurants that, ABC Kitchen (Processed Food Market Queen, Des Voeux Rd 38 West) featuring tuneful Western menu. Under the fluorescent lights and the noise, the extra space is this shop and other stores shared, patrons sipped hastily ABC fish soup made from fresh local seafood, food voraciously cochinillo asado (pork rotary) rum crispy, or swallow soufflé cake puff foam, all with price a main course is served under crystal chandeliers.

Restaurant Star cheapest browser
Similarly, in the world’s cheapest restaurants approved by Michelin star, Tim Ho Wan (2-20 Kwong Wa Street), people come to enjoy the food which is only for kings. Mr Mak former boss chef opened a restaurant puller of Lung King Heen 3 star in the Quarter Four (Four Seasons) before their own business. Now, in the small kitchen of her interesting, in one corner of the city that objective, he has re-created a miracle – char siu dumplings with over 750 renowned ones are sold each day, chopped beef seasoned crust Dried tangerine, cinnamon jelly fragrant flowers – for anyone to afford a cart puller opened 1.5-3 dollar is important, they will have to wait for hours. Tim Ho Wan A string in the central shopping district. When you arrive, Mrs. Mak smiling give you some waiting. Then let’s go fly a kite, Guangdong theater, or planting some roses and come back in 90 minutes.

The China Science of Cuisine
Foam and powder probably is not something easy to eat for many people, but food science applied in Hongkong. Bo Innovation, “removing” the classic Chinese dishes and “reunite” them in ways surprising in terms of aesthetics and processing, among other less impressive restaurants. For example, Little Dragon bag (open puller pork), meat is soaked ginger tablets, wrapped in transparent package will blast the fire, and turned into open puller dishes succulent pork.

Noodles of the giants
Shanghai’s most expensive pasta Hongkong (1 bowl $ 20) featured with the noodles to the broth do at home and bring to the boil with every recruit Iberico ham, shrimp, French roses, and all Asian quintessences Europe. But before you skip them for more than a fine, think about this: Their author, Mr. Chow, is a passionate chef’s Hongkong generation Shanghai resident in France. Besides noodle shop, he also owns a French restaurant and a nearby butcher. So if history is full of nuances, a negative balance of migration and the colonial period will be the flavor of the pasta at Olala (33 St Francis).

Soy sauce Western
“Soy sauce Western” (si yau wrong Diagnoses) is a cute name locals set for specific types of cooking Western food, made with Chinese wisdom (sometimes overly). Heard it was coined by the kitchen of a company dealing import and export under the Qing, influenced by dishes lay-monk-brown (**), zakuska, and Russian beetroot soup to Shanghai to open cafe . The Western recipe was adapted arbitrarily, as the replacement of components in soy milk and Worcester (the Chinese had a lacto allergies). Tai Ping Koon bird famous for smoked fish, and bread souffle pigeons turning turkey. At Queen’s Cafe bar, beetroot soup and pork cutlet served with rice is a favorite food annually.

Coffee tea
Coffee tea (Chaa Diagnoses teng) appeared in the 1940s in the neighborhood fun and inexpensive serve Western food and drinks for those who can not afford scones and Earl Grey tea. Since then, their menu has been improved including the fast-simple dishes are categorized available, half western half Tau. But they are best known as milk tea “leather stockings” – brewed tea made with black tea and flavored crushed eggshell concentration and smooth texture. Occasionally, it is mixed with 3 layers of coffee forms a popular drink is “yin-yang” or coffee-tea. Pak Kung Café (91 Ma Tou Kok Rd) and Mido Café (63 Temple Street) offers dishes “Yin and Yang” in a small cup, between the nostalgia surrounding context.

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