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The specialties that are hard to find in some countries

One of the pleasures when traveling is to experience different cultures through cuisine. But, there is a paradoxically that the ease of global tourism is bringing trouble to the local cuisine. When the business of providing food for guests, who are always inclined to export their familiar service, the less taste authentic dishes added to the menu.

To cope with this trend, the organization Slow Food (*) has created “The boat flavor” food store is in danger of “extinction”. Here are 5 of the interesting dishes from boat flavor. Look for this specialty and you will experience one fun thing ever in my life. Additionally, you will also help retain the culture gave birth to the dish.

Piki: Arizona
Bread nutrition is one important culture for the Hopi, an American residential tribe live mainly in the state of Arizona for centuries. Skill Piki bread is traditionally passed from mother to child shells, and even that is usual when a young woman baking Hopi piki to prove himself worthy of marriage. Made from purple corn kernels mixed with crushed juniper ash and water, piki bread is included in the lamb stew before serving. The best place to eat try the Hopi Cultural Center on Second Mesa, Arizona.

Landauer rahmkoch: Austria
With dishes rich in butter pudding and this way, that’s the magic helps people fall into the countryside Austria has not wasted! Traditionally, this dish is made by the woman’s farm when they celebrate the return of the cattle from the high mountains, the ratio rahmkock 1/3 butter, 1/4 flour with the rest sugar, cream, anise and cinnamon. Fortunately, climb the mountains surrounded by pleasures of most tourists in the Landauer, so they can avoid certain things as food which be enjoy for “sometimes”.

Long grain rice Dehra Dun: India
One of the most expensive types of rice in India is long grain rice and caper flavor from Dehra Dun sandalwood. It is used most commonly in a sweet dish called kheer milk, cooked into a creamy jelly with cardamom and raisins. Many years ago, the field is located in the Himalayas Dehraduni India, devastated by the harmful effects of pesticides. With the help of group of local seed store, people in the region has revived the land to go to the Indian tradition.

Caviar alum women Imraguen: Mauritania
Imraguan are nomadic fishermen, living off coffee herds Banc d’Arguin red along the north coast Mauritania.Khi men catch fish, women use these techniques to spread from mother to child “harvested” and stored roes. The sad thing is the land of abundance of fishermen are located in the threat from overseas companies with the illegal fishing boat, so Slow Food is working with local authorities to conserve not only fish eggs alum salt but Imraguen culture anymore.

Wine juice: Pennsylvania and Virginia
Tonic wine juice, a sweet drink made from acidic pickled fruit mixed with sugar, are brought to the US by the British, who used it to replace the taste of rum which was water damage . Tonic wine is usually mixed with water or soda, became popular when the item itself is a refreshing drink in hot weather. Unfortunately, the rise of industrialization made soda made wine slipping processing without brakes, so now you can only find it made in the Tait family in Pennsylvania, or in the colonial-style restaurant place in the region as Willamsbrug, Virginia.

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