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Thanh Trị dried buffalo – specialties of Soc Trang

In Soc Trang the farmers still processing a lot of great food such as dried fish, dried eel, dried solid, dried beef instead of the fresh fish… and also have dried buffalo. If everyone has the opportunity to visited Thanh Trị – Soc Trang province, there would be a pity if you do not enjoy special dishes of this region. That is dried buffalo meat.

Dry buffalo has long had a strange attraction by meat tasty, sweet and nutritious, no less than beef. According to Oriental medicine, buffalo meat cool, gentle, eat regularly can cure rheumatism. Thanh Tri dried buffalo are processed like dried cow but want to dry pieces fragrant, tasty, delicious taste, people do have to choose to be thigh meat, thighs as possible and then move (snakehead) remove all veins prior to cut into slices intact, followed by spicy minced to include discharge, salt, garlic, peppers, … half a day to soak. Then exposed to the sun or in drying oven.
Dry sample will be very thin pieces of dry, aromatic taste and odor discharge characteristic buffalo meat. Meat as tasty as possible sunshine on average every 3 kg of fresh meat may be 1 kg of dry, so dry right price three times higher meat prices.
To enjoy dried buffalo are also a lot of ways, but the best is still baking. First, dry pieces are released into water buffalo (but not used for empiric rainwater folk rain hydrophobic buffalo meat), then wait 5-10 minutes for dried meat and bring water for charcoal grill, or over again until I heard popping sounds, fragrant nose tingle rises, then dried, cooked evenly, while nine were dry on both sides and fragrant smells, the dry ballast for soft and loosened pieces, more ballast, dry textures as soft and chewy over.
Part sauce, this dish is delicious shredded out, dotted with tamarind sauce, tamarind nine punctured with cooled boiled water, give me the plastic off, then the sugar, salt, fish sauce, lemon grass, chili mix , forming one thing pasty sauce, tasted sweet sour. Or maybe rice dotted with fresh water stinging.
Thanh Tri dry outside Buffalo grill can also be processed into dried buffalo salad, how this dish is not difficult, we tore into small pieces baked dry and papaya mixed with cells, add vinegar, pepper, sugar, beans peanut small puncture, and laksa leaves Leaf … This special Worn “catch prey,” he closed with beer with scallion plate must say we are “loss”.

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