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Tells everything happily when I making yogurt

Summer arrived, the heat has all around us, I just crave something cool to cold such as Yogurt or something, so I came back with a daily menu of my family from children to adults.  Everyday  we need about 1.2L yogurt packed in small box just once spoon.

Every year as yogurt in ceramic jars, glass jars, now incidentally buys fewer plastic jar with lid thick, just right size, very comfortable too. The two smallest house you are old ‘clumsy’, everyone was holding something in his hand it is capable of flying lessons. And their mother, to be reunited abandon freezer yogurt, half-and-half yogurt.

Yogurt recipe is one that I have shared many years, in this blog, as well as in the 5 Seasons of Love. Today I want to open hearts to feel the love and attention for the cup of yogurt I’m doing.

Great to be on 1/2 cans of sweetened condensed milk (about 200 g) is mixed with fresh milk 1L and 1 cup unsweetened yogurt “what” to do men. Those last session, the fundraising program fermented yoghurt brand of France Alsa, use very convenient. According to the scale on, will need to use 1 package of yeast. Dissolve fresh milk and sweetened condensed milk, north up near a stove to boil, then let it cool down until warm hands it to yogurt or ferment the yogurt, stir and divide into small jars.

Incubating particular yogurt or pastries / yogurts generally summer is easy by men affected by high temperatures. Hot summer, incubation times faster. Housing is one available oven warm water poured on medium (45 ° C) in the tray and then put each jar deep breath in, shut the door. Other more simple way is to use foam box to keep the temperature stable: pour warm water into the jar and milk, cover Styrofoam box. Hours are crowded.

Until yogurt east and have a pleasant acidity, move to a cool store in refrigerator compartment.

So simple, but wrote many years ago, but that’s just the basic;)

From that basic formula, we could twist into different categories depending on preference.

Yogurt has “plasticity” medium fat it? Add cream to the mixture 100-200 milk / condensed milk, a product that is not only not turned upside down, even children 15 months of the drop from the top down and not loose legs;)

Green tea yogurt or cocoa taste it? add a few tablespoons of cocoa powder or pure matcha into milk mixture, stirring to dissolve them, that is finished, not only you but also your milk tea or a cool man attractive cocoa taste.

Yogurt cheese taste it? 100g Creamcheese grind in a blender with 200ml of milk (derived from 1L of milk formula, so that the total amount of fresh milk is still used 1L) and mix with milk and fresh milk 800ml rest, cook almost boiling, rest the formula has not changed.

You strawberry yogurt? 100-150g red ripe strawberry puree added ingredients.

Plastic yogurt medium medium medium-flavored fat cheese or fruit, and so that more creative.

What about the plastic yogurt, fat but less sugar? Put ingredients condensed milk, so we’ll have no way plastic yogurt.

So how to get plastic yogurt, fat-free, sugar-free as well? The answer is “Who wants to eat less attractive thing was?”;) Nevertheless, there are still ways: skimmed milk and jars of the yeast nor sugar.

Recently, my kids ate the cereal for breakfast instead of fresh milk in plastic yogurt, fat and less sugar. Inherently in breakfast cereals have a lot of sugar already. But if it is not sweet enough, then a spoonful of honey will make all;) at least one can add delicious taste.

A plastic cup of yogurt and a comparator, to the extent of how much stuff to put on without being “sunk.”

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