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Some kind of famous Sauce which characterize for pasta dish

Referring to the lands of ancient Rome, one can not fail to mention the Tower of Pisa and the renowned Pasta dishes. If the leaning tower is a symbol of the boot-shaped land Pasta find the soul essence of Italian cuisine remains.

      Pasta dishes bring Italian soul can super please any discerning culinary devotees around the world yet. Stretching from Europe to Asian countries, Pasta close as a friend but also like the mistress dreamily elusive until the end. Because … puzzle one could count how many types of pasta. A little change with pasta or sauces, fresh pasta dishes was born.

     In Vietnam, pasta close that you can see spaghetti with tomato sauce and minced beef is served in most bars and pizza restaurants. Fried beef noodle dishes washed into the nooks of old Hanoi, in the customary deep dwellers. There are things, pasta imported into Vietnam has undergone a journey “reform” to fit gout of Vietnamese cuisine.

      October is the month of Pasta, month dedicated to honor and hailed by the Italian culinary queen. IloveCookbooks proudly presents 3 with 3 sauces Pasta dishes feature can put all Italian cuisine in a warm kitchen space of your family. Just a bit processing with pasta, pasta sauce and canned Barilla manual handy, you’ve got an Italian breakfast in style.

Wheat Tagliatelle Bolognese sauce

       Bolognese sauce is one of the sauces served with pasta are the most popular, as well as sauces are easy to eat and suitable for all ages. Bolognese sauce in her seductive aromas of traditional Italian herbs. That onions and celery with stalks, sunflower seed oil, thyme leaves, bay leaf and black pepper. Combined with red meats such as beef, pork, along with vegetables as carrots, chopped tomatoes, be careful with Bolognese sauce. It may cause you to grind, only through a fragrance. Spaghetti Bolognese can be friends, but new Tagliatelle pasta lover’s true centennial of this sauce.

        The Bolognese sauce box Barilla brand can save the languid your lunch in the office or bring the forgotten moments in the family picnic. You open the lid Bolognese sauce but before use, please be assured, Bolognese sauce is ready to serve you take 05 days later.

Fusilli pasta twists mushrooms and chicken in a creamy sauce

        Referring to the recipes anniversary month is indispensable pasta Fusilli pasta twists with mushroom cream sauce and chicken. Fusilli pasta aka twisted pasta first appeared in southern Italy, was created from the idea of ​​rolling spaghetti on a weaving tool. Fusilli used to mix the salad pasta salad cool as butter, Caesar salad or sauce enhanced with the most refined as mushroom cream sauce and chicken. Spaghetti sauce cream will instantly regenerate your taste your soul in the day lazily. Your job is to sit at the table and taste the mushroom cream sauce pasta twists and scrumptious chicken.

     Raw processing mushroom cream sauce and chicken usually include: chicken, mushrooms, cheese, Pac-ma (Parmesan), cream, olive oil, and basil leaf. Characteristic flavor of chicken noodle and cream of mushroom sauce is the blending of flavors characteristic of greasy chicken and taste of fresh cream and cheese.

Spaghetti with Sauce Basilico

     Basilico sauce is born from the hands of talented creators. People still tell each other that Basilico is the name of the variable sound fresh basil leaves (basil) – make up the characteristic aroma not mixed of this sauce. Perfumes of basil and chopped tomatoes, sunflower oil, green onions and garlic brought into sauces Basilico traditional boot-shaped land, sky renowned throughout Europe. Interestingly, with spaghetti and sauce Basilico, you can use vegetarian or salty.

     Basilico spagetti sauce can eat during the cold season and the hot season, no need sophisticated north stove boiled pasta sauce that just and taken from the closet Basilico sauce, scoop a few tablespoons of hot pasta and mix with golden and shining, and so is breakfast Dining has been completely ready.

Pasta, the box of Barilla sauce will be the best gift for your kitchen.

      * You can buy Basilico’s Pasta Barilla spaghetti and sauce and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese in the system of Annam Annam Fine Food and Gourmet.

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