BeefSauté (Fry-Stir)

Saute western bitter with Beef

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If during this week that you can go to the market or supermarket which incidentally saw western bitter , then you do not forget to do the dishes the purchase of Suffering through today.Beef is sautéed very softy, crunchy and sweet melon, to make sure that your family meals more palatable.

– 300g melon west
– 150g beef
– Acts as, coriander, chilli horn
– Pepper, minced garlic, cooking oil
– Seeds wedge
– Soy.
– Beef marinated in soy sauce Fuji 1 tps, 1 tps of minced garlic, 1 / 2 tps of Aji-tasty and 1 little pepper.
– Suffering through west to scratch the shell, cut into 2 vertically and diagonally cut 1cm thick.
– Onion, cilantro cut, cut yarn horn peppers.
– Non-aromatic garlic, sauté beef, pour out the disc. For further west melon stir fry, seasoning Aji-delicious taste, stir-fried beef back nine, add scallions and peppers horn in.
– So bitter melon sautéed beef plate, decorate with cilantro, sprinkle with pepper.

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