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Roasting Crab lemon sauce

Crab fried lemon sauce is a seafood dish. Originated from the Mediterranean coastal countries. A dish of sea flavor. Maybe I’m a fan of seafood dishes so today I will guide you to make this dish.

– 2 crab peeling.
– 1 egg.
– 20gr flour.
– 2 tbsp oil.
– 2 fresh lemons.
– 15 grams sugar.
– 1/2 teaspoon of salt.
– 1 little parsley (parsley).
– Pickles, lettuce eaten.

– Clean-shelled crab, drained, marinated with salt.
– Beat the egg.
– Dip egg-shelled crab over, roll through the flour, put into hot oil, fried crispy, take out and drain oil.
– Use 1 squeezed lemon juice, remaining fruit chunk status thin.
– Heat the saucepan, cook sugar has melted, the lime juice, turn down the flame.
– Sauces has matched, adjust salt to taste, sprinkle with chopped cilantro, reminds down.
– Rating plate sliced ​​lemon, the crab on top, drizzle sauce over crab.

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