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Roasting Bacon and Sauced with Mushroom

After many years, this is probably the busiest Tet little that I have. This time last year, was pleased about the meal warm memories his ancestors Public Apples hurry, it was already looking forward to get the agreement last week, gently, leaning ample leaning clouds of smoke. I’m not a person can live in haste, gushy. But do not confuse calm demeanor with the dilatory, slow, I myself can not stand it. I simply need the silence of life, a basic needs like food, like wearing. While friends like to go clubbing, immersed in EDM music and drunken men like therapy, I find solace in the familiar wine lounge and enjoy the symphony already available in the device list at times tired minds. While the majority of young people prefer the bustle of Saigon, I again feel insecure atmosphere in there, just wanted to bury himself in the wilderness Hanoi peaceful night.

A certain part of each person’s personality is expressed through food they cook. This is not wrong, not because I intended that natural instinct tells choose the dishes a little bit picky. Not picky sorghum material from dainty, sometimes time is the most precious materials that a dish needed. Maybe so, but the braised dish always makes us feel good, not only for fulfillment but also for those who enjoy the kitchen. I love the scent of cinnamon, of recovery, of getting Khen radiate into the air, like seeing explosive packages crispy in the oven. Then be non-aromatic onions in lard, beef pot like her warehouse in the old New Year. Those suffering neatly roast pot, boil-known conductor in the continental platform and absorb the flavor from the second floor warehouse constant waves of fever. So that warm feeling, full enough …

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1 piece of pork bacon 800g sizes
1 cinnamon twigs little finger size.
1 back petals.
1 tsp grain infected compliment.
3 tsp salt.
1 tsp white vinegar.
1 tsp sugar.
1 tbsp fish sauce.
2 tbsp oyster sauce.
4 tbsp white wine.
1 tbsp lard.
1 dry onion, sliced.
1 piece of ginger.
5 fresh mushrooms trees, cut and washed feet.
5 oilseed chips, washed.
Along the kitchen offline:

For cinnamon, anise and getting Khen into blender, grind finely. Mix with 1 tsp salt.
Rubbing the mixture marinate meat so surface evenly. Do not let the mixture stick to the packaging. Sealed and left overnight to soak.
Once marinated, rolled meat and wires fixed to shape.
Boil a pot of water and drop into that meat, boiled 5 ‘until the start of the gradual packaging.
Take them out for about 1 hour to drain completely. Use brochettes, deep stab wounds on the packaging by its thickness. Stab thicker the packaging will break easier crispy and nice.
2 tsp salt mixed with white vinegar, rubbing them onto the surface of packaging, for 10 minutes to infuse.
Turn the oven 250 ° C, so hot in the 10 ‘. Roast for about 1 hour. If the oven heat unevenly, rotate the meat remember every 20 ‘. If your oven is the most standard rod roaster, just plug the meat was rolled into rods and spinning until crispy explosive packages. Note lining a bottom tray to melt dripping from the grilled meat QIA.
When blooming beautiful packaging, cooling down to 180 ° C and come in 30 ‘.

Sauced the meat:

Cut frozen bacon into 2 cm thick.
Use lard from baking tray and heat it in a clay pot and then drop out in the non-aromatic. Pour the wine into the module for almost evaporated.
Add sugar, fish sauce and oyster sauce, stir to dissolve, then drop into the pot of ginger and mushrooms.
Ratings meat into the pot, the packaging upward, more water is added to the meat section flooded ginseng tails. Do not leave the packaging submerged in water
Bring to the boil, then turn down the heat a small, continue to cook for about 1 hour so until thick water gradually.
Chips and steamed vegetables with meat braised presentation to eat together ..

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