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Roasted Pork Sauerkraut

Roasted Pork Sauerkraut sauce is a delicious dish that typically it is made with soy sauce, this dish is easy to make, it added to the familiar menu on the table of the family on the weekend.

Bellies dial: 400g
Sauerkraut: 300g
Onion: 2 stalks
A Peppers horn
A Dried Sea Weed
Fresh coconut water, sugar, cashew oil, chopped red onion, white pepper, cooking oil
Soy sauce (or soy sauce)

1. Preliminary
– 5cm cut sauerkraut, sauteed with onion past, for the discus. Green onion finely chopped white head, leaves chopped.
– Meat 4cm cubes, marinated with 1 tps of sugar, 1 / 2 tpsSoy sauce, 1 / 2 tps of MSG, minced onion and 1/2 1m head crushed chillies, seeded.

2. Processing
– Grill the anise, pepper skull crushed with cashew oil, to fry meat hunting, wedge with 3 tps Soy sauce, stir-fry until meat is soaked spices, add the coconut milk, sauerkraut, reduce to simmer, until meat and warehouse sauerkraut are soft, somewhat comparable warehouse water and season to taste.

3. Usage
– Ladle warehouse meat deep dish sauerkraut, onions and peppers sprinkled with sliced ​​surface, use hot with rice.

Small Tip:
Select roast three warehouses will only soft and tasty. When opening up the meat warehouse, warehouse help small fire tender, rugs, spices.

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