Mixed Salad

Rainbow Pineapple salad

This is a dish with that all the raw materials that are be available in all of the markets or supermarkets, Today I will guide you to do a mix with the flavor and the making are fast that more taste very strange and colorful, suitable for Holyday or a certain day visitors to play an extraordinary house.

– Pineapple (pineapple), pickled onion, scallion, vegetable water mint
– Dry beef, dried squid, dried shrimp
– Sauce, lemon, chili, sugar
– Dried shrimp soaked, for non-fragrant little oil in a frying pan minced garlic, dried shrimp perturbed over oil, sprinkle with a little sugar for shrimp ball.
– Raw each cut just a little morsel of food
– After mixing water cup fish sauce, sugar, chili sauce, lemon juice 1 tablespoon each, if can add a tablespoon of cooking oil, dissolved them all.
– Mix the chopped ingredients and mix just mixing water, laid out the plate, decorated with little water mint.

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Danh mục: Mixed Salad

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