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Pork Stuffed Bamboo Shoots

After a summer shower is an appropriate condition to the bamboo plant is developed and grow. If you buy fresh bamboo shoots right now, you steamed stuffed bamboo shoots with meat, The tastes is good as no words can describe it!

– 300g fresh shoots were primarily processed (*)

– 150g bacon

– Several executive branch do (take the white bulb) and a small piece of ginger

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– Pale wine 10ml, 10ml soy sauce, 200ml of broth

– 10 g of corn starch, 3 g of white pepper and a little salt
– Additional shoots two. For pouring cement deep intrusion into the disk stack broth, put the disc into the steamer on the stove to simmer for half an hour. How shoots are tender, not mushy but infused broth taste.
– Pork wash, remove packages, chopped. You can also use ground meat for convenience. For meat, soy sauce, wine pale, cornmeal, white pepper and a little salt into a bowl common. Crushed ginger, then mixed in a little water, meat and water into the bowl and mix well.
– When cement has cooled, use a bowl of water grandchildren, stuffed and the combustion of cement, ranked shoots back plate and pour the bowl deep water just chat on a disc. Place plate on bamboo steamer, boil water quickly high heat to boil, then turn down the heat just until steaming additional 10-15 minutes until cooked.
– Compared with the normal way of presenting the round bamboo slices stuffed in between the shoots lengthwise this way not only beautiful, but also keep the typical image of fresh bamboo shoots and bamboo help you enjoy diverse pieces more: the base shoots crisp, fragrant, tasty while the slender small, soft, sweet.

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