Sauté (Fry-Stir)


Poached dishes appear to have characteristics frugal and retain the natural flavor of the ingredients, it’s hard to find another technique that suits summer more than poaching. I especially like the poached salmon – red-orange fish meat, very charming, rich in flavor, doesn’t require sophisticated processing and it’s still delicious. Salmon is  poached in white wine to remove the smell, served with boiled vegetables, add a little creamy butter sauce, it’s filled with fresh aroma of lemon zest and herbs. You can feel summer soaked into every single bite.


Salmon Filet 200g, skinless, cut into 2 pieces.

200ml white wine

1 small broccoli.

2 potatoes, peeled  and cut into slices.

2 tablespoons butter

2 tablespoons lemon – herby seasoning.


Boil wine in a small saucepan, then reduce the heat for the fish to reach a simmer. Continue cooking about 5 ‘on low heat until cooked.

Boil water, blanched broccoli for 3 minutes and then take out, soak in ice to keep the crispness.

Put potatoes in a pot of cold water, bring that to a boil and keep it that way for 10 minnutes to cook the potatoes completely.

Heat the butter, add lemon herby dressing, cook for about 1 minute.

Plate the fish, potatoes and broccoli on plate, drizzle butter sauce all over it.

Danh mục: Sauté (Fry-Stir)

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