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Pig Skin Cake

The weather has not completely switch to summer but It’s hot sunny, currently I have a lot of homework needs to solve in a short time. So I feel very tired, but this recipe is the result of one times to visit my grandmother. However fatigue caused the lazy. So that is until today I am determined take my computers out to make the editor for this dish. I’ll just do this and pray for the rain come as soon as possible!


-300 g Tapioca starch:

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-100 g rice flour.

-4 leaves of pineapple.

-green bean coffee ・a half casing.

-100 g sugar

-2 cans of coconut milk (I used 1.5 cans only because of fear of so tired).

-1/3 tablespoons salt café

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How to do:

Tapioca starch mixed with the rice for both.

Pineapple chopped washed leaves for on with one cup water in Blender and filtered water.

Green beans soak overnight, into the rice cooker pour invaded approximately of water with a 1/3 tablespoon salt café.

The cooked beans also carry milled ・a half way with hot

Coconut if special too can leave more water for less liquid.

The Green:

200 g flour + water + sugar ・a half pineapple leaves 150gr + 150gr coconut. Mix all and then comb through the sieve for the mixture is smooth not clumping.

Yellow parts:

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200 g flour, 200 g + coconut + green beans strategy through a sieve.

The mixture should be smooth and loose like that.

Put the molds and xửng cleaning and oiling up for hot mold.

Pour a layer of powder blue into the mold, wait for the se surface poured forward more yellow section.So on until the full cake mold.


During the making of two mixed blue and yellow if it is special too, then put more water into the liquid mixture.

If you want to color over abandoned a little more color cosmetics for beauty.

Have to wait until this cake layers must dry the face and slightly astringent, the new class.


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