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Perilla Steamed Beef

Not just delicious herbs, perilla also commonly used medicinal plants in traditional medicine. Dishes prepared from vegetable perilla as appealing as it is the drug or to the natural sweetness of the flesh occur subsequently combined with crunchy black mushrooms and shiso leaf makes food becomes extremely attractive.

– 20 large shiso leaf
– 300gr lean meat shavings
– 1 boat noodles
– 4 ear ear fungus.

– Meat cut, marinated little seasoning salt, pepper and bring about a 15 minute grind. – Soaked Bun ship. – Wood ear soaked to bloom, then shredded.

– Dried shrimp soaked in water until soft, then pound. – Onion peeled and diced. – Mix the ground meat, vermicelli, mushrooms, dried shrimp, onions together, add 1 tablespoon fish sauce, 1 tablespoon oil.

– Perilla washed, selected beautiful leaves, large, spreading, a teaspoon scoop up human flesh, curled. – To turn until the meat. – Take steamed about 15 minutes was nine.

– Shiso steamed meat dish eaten with hot rice and the sauce was delicious chili beams.

Shiso steamed meat easy to make, delicious to eat. Meat wrapped in shiso leaves very delicious, eat one and remember forever. I wish you success with it this dish!

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