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Pad Thai – the true salty of the Thai

Pad Thai is probably be the most famous being transferred to foreign countries, as well as dishes most often confused. Both at home and abroad, pad thai is increasingly distorted into many variants have very little resemblance to the original.

Maybe because of pad thai, a handful of fried noodles with sauce delicious kind simple with few ingredients but mostly seafood, sounds simple, but obviously a very difficult process.

Despite the name is “ethnic”, pad thai is actually a dish from abroad. Both the noodles and the concept of “fry” are derived from Chinese TV in Thailand. Thais combination of both, and after a kind of fever to contain indigenous ingredients like fish sauce and tamarind, dish was “Thai goods” enough to attach the word “Thai” in (from a simple pad that is fried ). How has the default name, and a simple example of this initial combination until today, no doubt, is the most famous Thai dishes world.

Unlike variants sold abroad, you will see if there is also rarely thai pad Thai dish cooked with meat rather than shrimp. The variety consists of chicken or beef mostly erected just to suit Western tastes. In its most basic form, the dish is usually only a few shrimp and a little dried tofu, characterized protein source from eggs, together with the noodles are fried, or in favor of pre-fried noodles and wraps around part created into an attractive package. First single vegetable pad thai dish you see is the price in style and chives sprinkled on top; pad thai really is rich in carbohydrates.

One other mistake is eating this dish. Pad thai is an example of mixed food types (**) which Thais called Jaan diow ahaan. The Thai never ordering pad thai served with a plate of rice and curry. Spices of this dish also follow some traditional principles. In authentic Thai cooking, people trying to balance all taste: salty, sweet, sour, spicy, and sometimes even bitter. Since no other component of the pad thai is bitter, so this dish is almost always served with plee hua, ie banana, as well as some leaf chives. To add a little sour, pad thai is also accompanied by a few slices of lemon. And like all-noodle noodle dish in Thailand, pad thai served more as sugar bowl seasoning map, fish sauce and chili powder dry, just when you think that missing a certain location.

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