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Orange Nuts Biscotti

Biscotti are dry biscuits are easy to make and delicious to enjoy. In dictionary Italian, “biscotti” is translated as a kind of baked cakes that be done through 2 times. The first time the cake is baked in the form of bars long, then cut into thin slices and grill / drying at lower temperatures to dry bread, crispy and long shelf. The formula usually includes a nut biscotti (nuts) created position immediately and dried fruit make a rebalance sour sweet taste of sugar. Biscotti bread is indispensable in the winter day, served with tea or coffee are great!

2 big eggs
150g flour
1tsp vanilla
1tsp baking powder
1 pinch salt
1 yellow orange (cell extract the shell)
200g dark chocolate

Turn oven 200 degrees C.
Use interlock machine eggs and sugar until pale, when picking up sticks seen mixed as ribbons flowing down is, add vanilla and mix well.
In other European, mix flour, baking powder and salt, finely sifted.
Pour flour into eggs casual way, using a flat and lightweight hand mixer are accustom. Finally, the orange peel and almond cells into the mix together.
First Baking: shaping the dough into shape ingots 35cm in length, 8-9cm wide and slightly flattened publications; could use a little flour to prevent sticking as powder coat. Bake for about 16-18 minutes until cooked and slightly yellowish crust.
Take the cake out of the oven, let it cool down until the bread is still warm serrated knife cut into small pieces 1-1,5cm thick.
Bake Second: reduce the oven temperature to 150 degrees, put the pie on baking tray and add about 10 minutes, take the bread tray and flip the cake, bake 5-7 minutes more.
Take the cake out on a rack to cool hong.
While waiting for the cake to cool, boiling water and keep warm chocolate. Dip half submerged in chocolate cake, and then distilled to solidify chocolate cake in sealed containers can be used for 2-3 weeks.

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