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New Style of southern spring roll

Southern spring roll is a prominent food by scent characteristic of crabmeat. However there will be got a  alternative way which do not using scaffolds or none of cylindrical rolls, all that food is not only strange in form and content, but also easier to use.

– Crab meat: 200g

– Lean meat: 100g

– Duck eggs: 1 egg

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– Mushrooms cat: 50gr

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– Carrots: 2 tubers

– The root is: 1 bulb

– Green Papaya: 1/2 small left

– Onion: 100g

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– 100g vermicelli soaked in bloom

– Rice Paper Thin

– Dot sauce, pepper, oil, grain wedge

– Noodles, herbs, lettuce, cilantro

– Sauce, cooking oil, pepper, MSG, salt, seasoning salt …
Making sweet and sour sauce:
– Peel carrots, green papaya, sliced ​​thin, soaked with vinegar mixed with less sugar.
– Mix the fish sauce in proportion: 2 vinegar sauce + 2 + 1 + 1/3 sugar MSG + 1 chilli (unit here is the scoop).
– When will enjoy, picked carrots, papaya from vinegar, add the sauce to put.
Do nem:
– Lean minced meat.
– Meat of the egg through the boiling water, drain.
– Myanmar soaked until soft, sliced.
– Mushrooms cat hot water immersion for 3 minutes, drain flakes, sliced ​​thin.
– Carrots (1 bulb), cassava peel cell, thinly sliced
– Onion, thinly sliced ​​scallions.
– For pork, crabmeat, vermicelli, mushrooms, carrots, cassava, onion, onion, eggs in a large bowl, mix well.
– Season with a little pepper, 1 teaspoon fish sauce, 2 teaspoons seasoning seeds into the mixture.
– Spread a thin rice paper cutting board, hands shaking a little water for soft bread. Then for the people in the middle, tightly roll up the sleeve.
– Oil pan for boiling, drop rolls to fried golden brown.
– Remove the greaseproof paper rolls.
– Serve with spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce, salad, fresh noodles.

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