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Mayo Sauce Shrimp

This is a  delicious and taste fresh dish which is extremely easy to use and enjoy, It’s suitable for enjoying  in transferred weather in order to change the taste of your family.

Fresh Shrimp: 500g
Minced garlic
Scallions, cilantro
Pepper, sugar, cooking oil
county wedge
Mayonnaise sauce

1. Preliminary
– Peeled shrimps, headless, cut back.
– Onion, chopped cilantro.

2. Shrimp Warehouse
– Non-aromatic garlic minced, fried shrimp on hunting, water wedge 2 tps, 1 / 3 tps of sugar, 1 / 3 tps of pepper and 1 / 2 tps wedge nuts, simmer down until the shallows, then add mayonnaise  and chopped coriander in, stir, turn off the stove.

3. Usage
– For warehouse shrimp dish, sprinkle with pepper, hot use.

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