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How to make delicious rolls of Gateaus

Rolls a common type of cake, basically, but gateau / sponge cause “life difficult” for many other cakes. Maybe because they do not grasp the general principles. This article is a bit long, hope people have the patience to read to are more successful. Trying to summarize what this turtle cake understand about this in the article can top up will not be complete because there will be edited each time more free time.
– There are many types of bread are collectively called gateau / sponge but they are structurally quite different finished products. Turtle roughly divided into three main categories:
+ Special type of heavy, many qualities: also known as pound cake / butter cake usually 225g egg ratio (weight in shell) – 225g sugar – 225g flour, need help hatch of baking powder.
+ The second type porosity than the first category: 225g egg – 140g sugar – 140g flour.
+ The lightest and most popular: eggs 225g – 115g sugar – 115g flour. Roll recipe from here.
For the third category, the ratio of sugar and flour can change slightly, eg sugar and 115g flour 85g. With this change, a swelling of the cake will not be affected much. If using more butter, limited to 1/4 the weight of sugar or flour, allow to cool slightly warm melting and final mixing.
In any recipe cake gateau / sponge, egg weight weight decision remaining materials. Turtles have a habit of counting / weight eggs before figuring out how much cake will do. Eggs, here means material including results whites and the yolk. But in some cases, people can replace 100% of whites or yolks. Many yolk, which means heavier cake, the less goes by without a lot of red hearts in the white water, sugar will not dissolve more. Many whites, air bubbles in the cake bigger, so more blooms. Eggs should be kept in the shell until use. Not the eggs before in a long time or overnight.
White sugar, or sugar mill / carbohydrates is the kind used by them are soluble. A healthy weight is important because it determines the quality of the bread. Less sugar too (for reasons not like sweets) can affect the color and taste of bread, in addition to making the material harder tires by not balanced (less sugar -> more flour).
Typically, multi-purpose flour is used, but to properly use it not only that (there, turtle told the baker’s wife is one of sciences) in flour gateau / sponge should normally starch ratio and moderate protein. It means that with a bit of gluten, the structure will be more resilient bread, but to make the pie higher gluten dai (rich in gluten flour used in bread recipes created toughness). Wheat with high starch levels (cake flour) will make light bread, but prone to collapse when removed from the oven. Ideally, in principle, be used for making bread flour (bread flour) mixed with fine wheat flour (cake flour).
Butter is added to the cake not only increases the flavor, while increasing the quality of bread. Cakes will be a little heavier, but also more perishable 🙂 The magic of butter.
Jam, nuts:
The nuts are crushed can be mixed into the dough without having to modify the other ingredients, but if coarse, heavy will sink to the bottom. Can use of grain to flour mix in flour mixture, but meanwhile, we temporarily forget the butter (:)) If you use a powder of particles, it is necessary to deduct the corresponding flour.
Jams (dry) may be chopped, mixed into the final.
Cocoa powder, chocolate:
Cocoa powder can replace pure 1 part of wheat. For each 455g flour, 85g flour not use the cocoa. Mix and sift flour and cocoa are pre-mixed dough into bread.
Can Chocolate melting pure and mixed into the dough part.
Sweet Chocolate can also do the same, but need less sugar in recipes if high levels of sugar in chocolate.
Cotton typing:
There are ways to make the cake gateau / sponge but there are 2 basic types: hot method and cold method.
Heater: Sugar and eggs stirring, boiling water until warm, about 40 degrees Celsius or until sugar dissolves. Use a beaten egg to reach the freezing level. Mix the flour and add the butter (optional). The formula is 2 parts egg, 1 part sugar, 1 part flour. Example 240g egg – 120 g flour – 120 g sugar – 1 pinch salt and 1 bit of melted butter.
Cold: As above, but skip the double boiler segment. Cakes will be a little dry, and often add little cider sweep moisture and flavor.
Other methods: temporary not remember all but 1 typing whites and yolks + private road.
Ladyfinger cake flour / champagne: the flour gateau / sponge slightly different to make tiramisu, gateau Malakoff, Charlotte Russe. with many more air bubbles in the dough, creating porosity and high permeability thereby.
Othello Cake: ladyfinger are similar but use more whites.
Tray / baking:
Trays / Mould is prepared before starting to bake dough because immediately after finishing mixing flour, before Bubble burst causing the cake bottle. Maybe lined mold with butter / flour or stencils.
The temperature grill:
Mold deeper, thicker bread is baked decreasing temperature to avoid burning the cake. However with rolls, using shallow mold, mix flour to bake thin but high temperature and short time before the cake dries hard.
Formula turtle kitchen rolls:
– 200-225g eggs (chicken eggs 5)
– 90g sugar
– Multi-purpose flour 95g + 5g flour, mix well, sifted through a sieve to them.
– 1 pinch salt
– 20 g of melted butter, to warm.
Method: (as measure cold)
– Eggs and general stroke. Using the mixer, about 4 ‘will be mixed as standard.
Principles of gear hatch is created by air bubbles in the mixture. If follow-up, people will see in the first 1 minute, large bubbles in the mixture, and transparent. More later, air bubbles with a diameter equal over, start descending again. In the 3rd minute, when picking up sticks beat flour mixture will flow rapidly down, salty. Mark followed some time foam is smaller, and harder, while flowing down creating pyramids.
As this means that the cotton unsatisfactory
Bolters ready
Sift the flour into the mixture. A partial hands sifted flour, mix your other hand gently spoon.
It is best to contact flour at an angle from the bottom up, powder surface will seep slowly into the egg mixture / sugar. Do not pour mixture over the dough as if layers thick flour will not be absorbed all at the same time -> lumps.
Mix the butter into
Pour out tray
Bake 190 degrees C temperature – 7-8 minutes depending on the oven but definitely not low by normal cakes (175 degrees C). When the cake is the cake had nine gold. Paying a little older, the cake will not stick to the roll paper.
Face down 1 sheet cakes other candle, peeling layers of paper lined mold
Rolled up while still warm cake. In order to wait for cool prices.
Jam / cream / cream butter or cream mixed nuts on the inside of the bread.
Lift the edges of the paper lined cake (cake façade) and gentle rolls. Note: spreadable cream so much as roll will be cracked cake, too little and the cake will be “hollow”.
How to make Christmas cake stick in form:
I wish everyone success. Remember to share the results offline!

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