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How to make Japanese cream bread

In the Birthdays of me, I would be promising you for the cooking pot of tea to celebrate, but because of some objectivity  reasons which is totally not enough material, so I must keep debt and I would like to invite you and all to my house for enjoying with the bread temporarily for my birthday . Happiness for me to keep on red fire for my kitchen , I wish that It will be a forever friend of you.
In fact that my bread  are manufactured just because the fridge remaining whipping cream box still unfinished.  I must to flip a few pages to see if anything interesting dishes when he saw this recipe, try always and their results are too satisfactory. Thanks god that the Cake is soft, fragrant, great for quick breakfast with cup of cold milk for the children and their cups of hot coffee.
Here’s my recipes for my bread
* A: – 120g flour bread (wheat dai)
– 85 g of boiling water
* B: – 380g flour bread
– 75g sugar
– 6g salt
– 8g instant yeast
* C: – 120g fresh milk cold
– 100g fresh cream (whipping cream)
– 1 egg cold
* D: – 40g butter light, to room temperature
* E: Mix together as mixed scanning surface
– 1 tsp milk
– 1 tbsp water
For hot water in part A 120g bread flour, mix well and spoon wood kneading until dough mixtures. Let dough in bowl, cover tightly, and keep cool in the refrigerator compartment cool for at least 12 hours. Mix ingredients together in mixing bowl B. Put the ingredients in C on, kneading dough Profile intertwined into blocks. A small tear parts powder was left overnight, the dough is kneading on.
Add butter in part D, continue kneading until dough is smooth and elastic, thin films can last. Let dough into a bowl, cover and incubate in the warm spot in 40 minutes, or until dough doubles. (I usually turn before oven 50 degrees Celsius, hot oven, then turn off the power and the batter on composting). Take the dough out, punch out air bubbles collapse, to stay 5-7 powder ‘. Divide the dough into small sections, each member into balls and place on nonstick mold (can use round mold or mold arbitrary Loaf), remember to spacing member flour for baking powder. For further incubation tray in the cake at 50 ‘or until dough doubles. Get the bread tray, use a broom to the cake mixture E. Bake in preheated oven at 180 ° C temperature within 20-25 ‘custom mold, until the cake is golden brown.

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