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Homemade yogurt on a sunday afternoon!

Let’s learn how to make yogurt at home, it is so simple and do not requires a machine! Just take a little time and you’ve got yourself some yummy yogurt!

Ingredients (using milk powder):

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– Milk powder

– Warm water

– Non-sweetened (for fermentati


– Mixing Bowl

– Pot

– Vases, jars of yogurt containers

How to make yogurt using milk powder

– Mix the formula in proportion as directed on the can, you need 300-350 ml of milk. Heat the milk to about 40-45 degrees C.

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Beat 3-4 spoons of yogurt and mix with baby formula section above (you just blow it by the ratio of 350 ml 3-4 tablespoons yogurt maker then, if you do more then exhibits reduced in proportion practice on)

– Boil a big pot of water to make the brewed pot of yogurt. You should look a little thick thick pot to retain heat for long. Boil pot of water to the time you look down at the bottom pot of boiling steam saw ripples reach about 80ºC as you turn off the stove. If you boil water, you have to wait for water to cool down, the water is too hot when incubated yogurt will precipitate

– Ladle into cups yogurt or tofu lovely you have prepared.

– For each glass jar was boiling in a pot of hot water, cover the glass jar. Water just flooded into the bottle is 2/3.

– Side on a towel, then cover the pot tightly closed lid for fresh overnight or 8 to 10 hours is going to be used.

I wish you success with making yogurt with this formula!

This mango yogurt is sour, fragrant and sweet is certainly attractive by refreshing taste. This summer you can make yourself a cup of mango yogurt, isn’t it so wonderful? It only takes a few minutes, mango yogurt will be ready for you. And this is how to make this mango yogurt!

Mango yogurt ingredients:

– 1 mango (about 200g)

– 250ml yoghurt

– A little honey

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How to make mango yogurt:

Step 1:

– Wash and peel mango

– Then, cut the mango into small pieces.

Step 2:

– Get the mango to be chopped ¾ place into a blender, add yogurt and puree.

– ¼ seats remaining mango to decorate.

Step 3:

–  puree mango and yogurt together. Add a little honey to sweeten.

Step 4:
– Pour mango mixture into a cup of yogurt, put it in the fridge. Store it longer for cold mango yogurt.

– When eating, take a glass of yogurt, for the remaining mango decorated on top and enjoy.

With only 10 minutes, you’ve got a cool glass of mango yogurt. Let’s make summer more fun with mango yogurt.

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