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Grilled Squid with Turmeric

For years, many people are accustomed to using squid steamed, or grilled directly with coal. These dishes are also very attractive, but whether you go regardless for everywhere, feasts always about that type of processing, this causes boredom. Several recent holidays, accidental home, the first time I get to taste the grilled squid with fresh technology leaves, I feel very regretful because this long not very popular dish.
Grilled squid with turmeric powder is very fragrant and delicious, especially when we use thick squid which be bought from the marketplace, throw follicle, skin peeling off thin and brown colored outside, washed, then sliced, then soaked in a little oil. Salty Squids is keep the flavor, sweet, you need to spicy, more salty sauce.

– 400g fresh squid.
– 150g okra.
– 150g eggplant.
– 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder.
– 2 teaspoons salt.
– 1 tbsp cooking oil.
– For salt and turmeric to the pan roasted very dry.
– Squid washed with diluted salt water, drain. Marinated squid with 1 teaspoon salt roasted technology, oil sprinkled over, soaked.
– Okra, eggplant cleaned, cut into bite size pieces. Add marinated with ink. For about 10 minutes to saturate all spices.
– Grilled over charcoal fire all or oven until golden.
– This dish used as soon as baking to keep freshness
You can further reduce the amount of salt turmeric entered if you hesitate slightly bitter taste of technology. To salt technology with eye-catching color and attractive, you should use salt very fine. When roasted mixed with salt hands to air technology are yellow.

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