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Grilled chicken with rosemary and potatoes.

Rosemary and potato are the traditional ingredients in the diet of Europeans over the centuries. Rosemary lightly sweet taste so often made spices for baking. Today I will instruct you to add the  Grilled chicken with rosemary and potatoes. To keep fresh water from the chicken, you could wrap a layer of aluminum bag outside. It also makes the chicken from drying out.

– 800g chicken fillets
– 400g potatoes bi
– 1 tablespoon olive oil
– 1 tbsp salt
– 2 tbsp paprika powder
– 1.5 tbsp rosemary
– 1 tablespoon dried minced garlic
– 1/2 tbsp black pepper.
– Chicken wash, drain, to the original to.
– Potatoes peeled, washed, drained, cut in half.
– Mix the salt, olive oil and paprika powder, rosemary, dried minced garlic, black pepper and the chicken pieces and potatoes into, for about 15 minutes to saturate all spices.
– Then the chicken in the oven at 218 degrees C temperature for 30 minutes. Cooked, roasted potatoes in about 3 minutes.
– Take the meat out of the oven, cool slightly, cut into small pieces to taste.
– Best served with lemon pepper and salt, chili. You can also use with tomato, lettuce.

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