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Glutinous Balls Sweet Soup

In the kind of Sweet gruel maybe the best I liked is Glutinous Balls Sweet Soup. My nature is not sweet perfection so It’s rarely when I cooked Sweet gruel. It’s only my boyfriend, he is love the Sweet dishes like gruel and everytime he would go the supermarket also told me to buy for a few dates with Sweet gruel about eating. I remembered that when I was a child every Memorial Day or grandfather. My mom usually make this dish for all to enjoy, great hours and self-study learning Cook for the whole family along to enjoy.


Bạn Đang Xem: Glutinous Balls Sweet Soup

A packet of glutinous flour

250gr of green beans

2 large ear ear

3 flaked coconut slice

A little white Sesame

A big ginger

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5-6 lemon leaves.

1-2 Purple Onion

Sugar, salt.

How to do:

Pickled Green beans from 3 to 5 hours for the pea and swells you would too busy no time can soak with warm water, a range also.

Coconut water filter dão carried away cooking beans, (leave a little to make coconut garnish) of water spilled the beans are hand approximately invasive. To add a little salt while cooking for taste

Soaked Tremella fuciformis Thai bloom into small pieces.

The ripe beans are crushed by hand or lazy then let in a blender with about 1 tablespoon sugar cafe.

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Turn on the stove and wait for the oil to heat in Africa don’t act suppressed notorious fragrant, then remove the green beans have fried up together on the drinker with chopped, fried ear at a time when beans are the slugs were found not to need all his skills, FRY so is to grab the fragrance.

While waiting for his cold green bean flour out a trays, put a little flour to miss as I paste there powder to fire.

For warm water on little by little to dough (you would have not had the experience, then do the same yourself just for a little bit of water, just for just roared when would feel soft smooth dough, easy to catch, don’t stick your hands is okay).

Coconut milk to boil up with a little sugar and a little flour with water until it was jitters again.

Take a little dough rolled into flattened round pieces estimated stars enough to enclosed Park green beans, yes you do, flour and rolled it at India’s or cracked should themselves take little hand or illuminate the cooking oil onto the flat that you plan and rolling the dough, uses extremely. The green beans into the pieces of dough circle round his back is really Linda has been a member of Sweet gruel 80% complete drift.

North a single drop of water pot Sweet gruel drifting on, don’t turn on the heat too, too easy to fire cracked cake, cake surface is nine immediately picked out the cake and drop into a bowl of cold water next to picked out now (this makes her more rounded cake)

Get a different pot pour water over 1/3 of the pot a little bit, 300 g of sugar to (his home afraid should only use sweet much sugar) along with the pineapple leaves and Thai ginger into pieces in the pot, boil the stress all Member Sweet gruel on Cook for 15 minutes at low heat for then turn off the stove.

Draw out gruel cups Sweet members sprinkle little white Sesame fried up and chan coconut on is can enjoy!

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