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Fried Ribs with Lemongrass

This is a delicious dish and very easy to make. But in order to make the Rib not shrink, you should use a few lines on a piece knife slitting rib or you can appeal it before frying. For the rib which has slopes with beautiful yellow face, you can add 3 tablespoons cocoa .. When fried meat marinating ribs, basting brush marinade you use up and fry chops until browned chop.

– 500g sirloin chops
– 5 stalks lemon grass
– 2 red peppers horn
– 1 dry garlic
– 2 teaspoons powdered spices
– 1 teaspoon seasoning seeds
– 1/4 teaspoon pepper
– 1nhanhs basil
– Cooking oil.
– Loin chops rinse and drain. cut pieces of about 3cm.
– Citronella washed, thin cells.
– Peeled garlic, chopped.
– Horn peppers seeded and chopped.
– Marinate the ribs with minced garlic, minced lemongrass, chopped chilli, spice powders, granules and pepper for about 30 minutes to saturate.
– Next, boil the cooking oil, for frying ribs on until golden. Out and drain oil. Disc ribs, decorated with basil and sliced ​​chili horns.

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