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Fried Chicken with cheese

This is a dish originating from France, but very delicious and easy to do. So if you love European cuisine that are related to aromatic cheese, I’ll bet you have certain funding to try cooking with this chicken.

– Chicken breast pieces to original
– Cheese Mozazella: 50g
– 1 tomato, 1 cucumber
– 20g butter, 10g flour
– Garlic, pepper, salt, seasoning
– Wash the chicken and put on the chopping block, the soft meat steadily.
– Use knife deft double brake pads but still stick a chicken breast first.
– Then open the meat, sprinkle with salt and pepper up … then put cheese was sliced ​​into.
– Close the chicken breast pieces.
– Use outside government flour chicken pieces.
Note, Minister flour 3 times according to the principle: as dry powder, then made wet powder (hand dip some water already), then back to dry powder.
– The purpose of government is to flour chicken breast shaped pieces, not fallen edges.
– Dry pan and lower heat to simmer, then give less oil and butter in.
– Boiling oil and butter, then drop into the fried chicken over medium heat.
– When one side has cooked chicken pieces, turning to face the remaining fried. This time, use a closure on the region.
– Now that you’ve finished pieces of chicken breast fried cheese.
– While waiting for fried chicken is done, you make a salad to present and eaten.
– Tomatoes, cucumbers diced to remove the intestines into the bowl.

– Pour a little ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar little, cooking oil, salt, pepper and lemon to squeeze little, then mix up.
– For beautiful dish, you can use a shaped mold set in a corner of the large disk. Then, pour the salad section you just mix into the mold.
– Finally, the fried chicken was cooked placed side salad.

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– Using cutlery split meat, ketchup squeeze vertically so nice steak.

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