EggsSauté (Fry-Stir)

Egg Noodles Saute

For busy families, preparing a meal tasty and fast again just not that simple. To solve that problem, recipes egg fried noodles is presented below will definitely help you. And noodles are also an ideal choice for this dish.

– 1 packet noodles
– 2 eggs
– Cauliflower (blue or white)
– Square-sliced ​​bacon.
– Seasonings: soy sauce, soy noodles, onion, garlic, seasoning salt, cornstarch (for sauce).
– Get a bowl of boiling water then drop squeezed noodles to soak a few minutes to bloom. Then remove the bread to pour cold water over the noodles are hunting.
– Turn on the stove and a little oil in the pan to heat. When oil began to hot, pour the cooked meat fried. When the meat has cooked, take out the disc and salvaged meat for beating each egg into to sunny.
– Wok fried meat and eggs later tiles should not be used for processing mixed vegetables as you can, so please replace a large cast iron pan over for processing vegetables. The cooking oil in a pan, non-aromatic garlic with chopped onion. After the garlic and onion flew fragrance, let broccoli stir-fry together.
– Add the soy noodles with soy sauce to the pan and stir vegetables. Pour the cooked meat to the pan and stir before stirring until all nine stops. When this, you can give before egg and sprinkle with pepper disc upward.
– Mix the cornstarch in a little water and pour into the pan, then continue stirring. For more flavored sauce, add spices such as pepper, salt, sugar.
– Give disc noodles, pour the pan of meat, vegetables and sauce over, put 2 egg plate on the table and enjoy your achievement.

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