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Memory of the Coconut pancake of my mom

My mother was good at housework since she was a girl. Everythings which resourceful of the woman she is learned from her grandmother. After She getting married, she learned at her grandmother and husband’s friends. My mother has a skillfully embroider, sew, well cook, especially some famous baking  including Dong Khoi coconut cake is delicious.
When the neighbors nearly my home has some party or others .They call on my mother to cook for helping them. That’s a good thing that everyone knew that, even people in the district, the province also seek to learn. Many people ask my mother is no secret that not so handy? My mother gentle smile that said “there is no secret, what is hard to explore, to love cooking.” Maybe so, from a clumsy housework (in the girl), my mother becomes handy from time unknown.
Coconut cake is a specialty Dong Khoi Ben Tre people – Dong Khoi, a voice from centuries. Although no one knows this cake from birth when, who did the first, but in the minds of the people of Dong Khoi, coconut cake is the cake on the occasion of wedding anniversaries, and holidays.
Like the tubular banh tet (though smaller and coconut cake in two flares pointed out), are made from glutinous, bananas, and black beans. But Dong Khoi signature coconut cake that is combining two types of coconut in this area: Coconut water and periwinkle. Water coconut leaves used as a crust, while the fruit is used as nhưn periwinkle (human).
Raw coconut cake is like making banh tet and banh chung. But to medium sweet bread, fatty, aromatic sachets to ask employees nhưn, sticky Be very mixed. At first must find the young coconut sheath (not used for brittle old kelp), take a leaf stripping each, knife and split into two kinds of ribs leaf leaves aside. This leaves rib cord used to wrap bread. The water coconut leaves long piece will be swept within the cylinder so that both hands, not thick nor thin. If too thick, it will not ripe are sticky, and too thin, it will make the meat pie will look ugly crack. Depending on the preferences that the baker can issue large or small crusts.
With do nhưn cake, coconut need to remember to dry. Grated coconut is dry, the meat mix into sticky (was soaking available), along with black beans, sugar and salt until it fits the mouth. Coconut cake with two kinds of beans and bananas nhưn, are doing the same, except for the package is at nhưn banana bread, need for one or half a banana sim mid crust is fine. If you want to catch more beautiful cake color, simply mix with marble or pandan leaves to add to the appeal.
Particularly stages coconut cakes elaborately. Use coconut ribs wrapped wire round 2-3 vertical sides. Must pack so tightly that when the bread into the pot and retain the shape, if too sticky liquid blown out. If the package is too tight, pie shapes will be distorted, sometimes artless will shift and pour sticky cord. Ribs very flexible young coconut leaf should be easy to keep the cake with flesh. You can use plastic to wrap wiring replaced, but not nice and low density.
When the job is complete wheel package, only to drop the pie was forced into each beam to the pot and start cooking. About 3 hours will be ripe bread. One thing to note is that coconut cake made at home can keep at room temperature for about 2 days. If you want to longer, it is best to put the cake in the refrigerator.
On holidays or wedding anniversary, Dong Khoi people referendum on ancestral altars coconut cakes ordered revolves around a formal circular disc. In addition, you can use coconut cakes as gifts or simply dissipated family package to see cravings.
To feel the true taste of coconut cake, coconut cake right to Dong Khoi, or by the hands of housewives make new deals, the quality of the house. So, many years away from home, although sometimes crave coconut cake coconut cake, but I just like his mother made by hand out.

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