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Coriander Sauced Chicken

I am impossible not know is that ever since the Coriander leaves may be so fit with chicken. The chef from ancient times discovered and also spent many years to discover this balance. Today I present to you the same chicken laksa leaves warehouse. Coriander Sauce Chicken is a Vietnamese Central Dish, this is a delicious dish.

– Chicken: 500g
– Bearded: 200g
– Coconut Siamese: 1 left
– Peppers horn: 1 left
– Minced garlic
– Pepper, salt, sugar
– Cooking oil, fish sauce
– Seeds wedge

1. Preliminary
– Chicken clean, drain, cut into bite size pieces, marinate with seasoning Aji-ngon® 1m particles, 1 / 2m 1M pepper and minced garlic, to saturate.
– Trimmed beard. Siamese coconut water tightly. Horn peppers crushed, cut into pieces.

2. Store meat
– Heat little oil, fry the chicken in pan, cup extract excess oil.
– Add 1/2 liter of water and cook with coconut Siamese chicken, sauce and seasoning 2M 1M road, the horn peppers, 1/2 in volume laksa leaves, small warehouse fire until chicken is soft and shallow water for vegetable laksa rest, cook another 2 minutes, then turn off the heat.

3. Usage
– Ladle chicken dish laksa leaves warehouse, used hot with rice.

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