Mixed Salad

Chocolate Spided of Fluit

Leisurely morning, sitting with his old friend lying canopy, the tail story how I do not remember clearly, ê a nod for a while before the’d have expected. A human life is to experience existence, the experience so much, deeply, each a little well dressed, a lot of little things well, as long as the attack satisfies hunger spurs us experience every day. Each person has a different concept of experience. Zen monks chant nest, one day reach the realm of magic, there is also an experienced, dependable cash reliable patriarchs rights, too many cars on the road home swaggers with life is also a kind experience.

But experience is not, alone who are still isolated, if not selfish. Beautiful things, pieces of sweet, fleshy spoons deserve to be shared and should be shared. Europe is also the ideal source for superficial cooking elated writing our brothers. Design thinking, at times brutal months in all, despite the slender graceful morning under sunny or chilly night, white patches of gray drizzle array, with family or friends gather around the counter is a gift really. Nothing fancy, something hot on the table, and enjoy hands on his toes, Used wine quality levels as the story leads east to west around the metal neck.

Speaking in the language of your countrymen, “finger foods” is synonymous with sharing. Where is the assembly, then finger food party as king. Common types of serves Western cuisine, each person has their own section but different finger food on the tray, chá favorite pieces are for everyone. It’s not a style, own school of processing, just keep fingers, his toes were put finger food. Merely alluded compact gifts, both hands, both oral, reinforced grab grab your taste, things get fun rather not eat of it saturated. On most any taste in life can become finger foods, such as sushi golden roof, some doctor’s sashimi Nhut Bon, amuse bouche as “bleach taste” of his-her francs for the cell (Francophone) . Who passion “fermented grape juice” as brothers we’ll split my cheese platter cheese mixed as a treasure. Then to lower bran, public meltdown over the tortillas, the tacos, nachos variety, than the days immediately plump fried potatoes, san-sandwiches (sandwiches), corndog, not to mention countless cakes category for the sisters tea. And for those with a sweet tooth? “Hot pot of chocolate” chocolate fondue greasy, sweet, smooth consistency distant from the majestic Swiss never lacks appeal.

480ml fresh cream.
500gr chocolate (black).
Vanila extract 10ml.
24ml cognac.
12ml rum.
1.5 tsp cinnamon (crushed).
1.5 tsp anise (crushed).
High-style orange peel, small cell and season to taste.
A unsalted butter.
Fruit, marshmallows, fruit cake genres do you like to eat chocolate sauce.

Now, we’ll going to the kitchen:

For cream to skillet, heat the cream wait, evaporated, add cinnamon, anise, simmer for 3 minutes range.
Crushed chocolate and add to the bowl and stir until completely melted into a smooth layer, turn off the stove.
When pan is hot, add the butter to the pan and mix manually, which makes the shadow layer chocolate sauce and days away.
Add remaining ingredients (Vanila, cognac, rum, orange peel). Pour into a ceramic bowl or pot Thermostats, chopped fruit, confectionery furnished and oblique (or loading manually if appropriate).

What the magic of sharing every tidbit, stories, laughter or straw minutes together is that emotions which, though it is divided to anybody, gave many people, they are still full of with such heart. Over all, those moments that often leave many lasting memories, entangles vicious in our minds forever every few moments of nostalgia. Because why spend without sharing, giving away lots of things like that, to please everyone is full of exuberant?

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