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Chocolate Cupcake with Fresh Cream

Chocolate has long been regarded as the taste of love, perhaps also because the charming aftertaste and sweetness of it. And also because the bewitching scent sweet, charming little girl did not choose chocolate cupcake baker to express feelings for loved ones. Also precisely because of butter fat scent tinged slightly bitter cocoa will prevents recipient from the alluring, but how to make chocolate cupcakes can hardly fail, the less time. To help you discover the full flavor when fresh cream chocolate cupcake baker, today I will teach you how to bake chocolate cupcake by my simplest way.


Wheat flour
Cocoa powder
Cooking oil


Before baking, the oven turned on your mind nhé ?

Step 1: Butter in Europe, use a knife to cut small pieces for easy beat. Using electric mixer speed rated from 1, then increase to speed 4 rating butter until pale butter (about 2p)

Step 2: Put sugar and cooking oil to Europe Avocado on, using electric mixer at speeds continue to beat until the mixture 3 finely chopped.

Step 3: For each egg turns into beaten mixture until smooth (Europe 1)

Step 4: In one other European, thorough mixing wheat flour, Baking powder, cacao powder. Then pour the dry mix into Europe 1. Use the spoon mix up front for easy beat then use speed electric mixer beat until mixture is finely 2 Smooth

Step 5: Use a paper cup liners into the mold. Then each measure 2 tablespoons cream mold. Then the flap down on the table for the cake evenly.

Baking Cupcake SOCOLA

For chocolate cupcakes in the oven for 20 minutes at 160 degrees C. When the temperature cooked, the oven will automatically alarm and disconnect power. Now you just need to wait for work cupcake baked chocolate cream only.


Because chocolate cream cupcakes to give “someone” special so you can decorate cupcakes with whipped cream and chocolate extra fondant heart, using many different blind begin to decorate ice cream chocolate cupcake fresh cream, so Your cake will look diverse and so much nicer. Along refer some following decoration of you.

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