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Stewed Bamboo Shoot with Pork Legs

Winter, sometimes I almost suddenly crave some soup from bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoot soup is one of the soup leeway best prepared. Therefore we usually store a few cooked meals. These materials combine cook together, at one expected it as an article of food folk medicine. Shoots are often considered “something not good for health”, but in fact it contains more fiber to aid digestion, and manganese. Black mushroom was recently used in the medicine cure atherosclerosis, hypertension. Pork feet, why? Goodness is fat anyway. But a winter need more power, so I’ve never get the troubles with my little fat.

Here is the recipe:

Bạn Đang Xem: Stewed Bamboo Shoot with Pork Legs


-2 Claw legs, clean, tight as 4-5 songs

– 2 ounces of dry cement

– 50g black fungus

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– 30g mushrooms (if available)

– Onion

How to cook:

Preparation before 2-3 days.

Soak the bamboo in water for soft bloom. Every day, while washing rice, rice water to soak grandchildren shoots. Rather shoots water soaked 1-2 times / day. You can use warm water to soak the dry cement in the day too cold or pickled bamboo shoots within 3-5 days depending on weather conditions.

Rinse the bamboo shoots, the pot, pour boiling water flooding. Discard the water boiled bamboo shoots. Repeat the process several times boiled bamboo shoots, until water no longer shoots dark yellow and smelly. Then cement had not brown straw yellow as before. Empty basket, pouring cold water. Stripping shoots into long strands.

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Wood ear (and mushrooms) soaked bloom, rinsed. Wood ear cut into bite-sized wedges. Mushrooms can leave, remove the foot fungus.

Pork feet after being cleaned, seasoned with fish sauce and spices to infuse. Place in saucepan and sauté, pour water on to boil. Lower the fire, cook until almost soft spring nail.

Put the pan on the stove, for a little oil. Cho shoots fried with spicy sauce tasty salt. Use a bowl of water to sauteed sausage and security foundation for cement to thoroughly absorbed. For wood ear mushrooms and fry it together.

Drain the bamboo shoots in a pot and sauté sausage and security foundations. Cook continued until just soft mouth nail rolls.

Onion cut about 4cm long white head. Poaches in the pot of water, removed to separate.

Ladle soup into bowls. Place the onion has quilted top.

Serve hot with rice, noodles or vermicelli.

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