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Bisque – Welcome back to the winter!

When time closer to Christmas, it was colder. What I always wanted to return from the cold is enjoying a bowl of hot soup, It’s fully of gently infuse flavor graffitied a layer of greasy cream. Indeed nothing can blow cold as fast as a tasty soup. Because of the heat of it will help us for refreshed feeling and natural sweetness that makes my head just thinking about the good things and forget the cold vanish reigning throughout the body.

There is one thing for sure: winter then everyone will like soup. Hard to hide seems excited to be invited to the table with steaming soup 1 was prepared. As of course, would be less attentive to invite guests to the Christmas party without floating little hot soup. I will not let you become one party careless owners like, if you get the reason for the omission is “delicious soup will want to spend time,” I will show you the opposite, at least then not all soups are so.

If each contact with French cuisine, then you will know to “Bisque” – the thick soup or cooked with added shrimp and fresh cream before serving. Simple but perfect, the shrimp pieces silkily is the perfect complement to the sweet soup and softness of fresh cream. “The marriage” This poetical aroma spices with opposition: deep roots sweet paprika and cumin. Bisque is the ideal choice for Christmas Eve appetizers, more perfect, as easy as pie to cook so Bisque.

450g of prawns
4 tbsp olive oil
1 onion
1 bulb fennel
2 carrots
150ml white wine
1 tbsp brandy (optional)
400g tomatoes
1L shrimp broth or vegetable
1 tbsp Paprika.
150ml whipping cream.

Note: Material on enough for 8 people, be adjusted to match the demand.

Let’s cook:
Remove fennel fronds, chop the onion, carrot and fennel bulb.
Peel tomatoes, remove the seeds.
Shell the prawns.

Make the base:
Heat the oil, reduce to simmer, fry the shrimp shells in about 5 ‘
Add onions, fennel and carrots and cook about 10 minutes until soft
On high heat, add white wine and brandy and cook for about 1 ‘to the alcohol evaporates, add tomatoes and water shrimp, cover the region, simmer for 30’


Roughly chop the prawn.
After cooking, vegetables were quite ripe, give all into a blender and puree and pass through a sieve. Personally I prefer the slightly used items handmade one bit as the MOULINETTE
Add shrimp to the soup and cook the mixture was filtered in 10 ‘, seasoning salt and pepper. Can add fresh cream and use or store in the freezer always to 1 month

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