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Five Scent Fried stuffed snails

This is a rather unique dishes. We use real-flavored crunchy stuffed snail, chewy and fragrant with ginger lemongrass, dotted with little more chili. All of them will surely make you hard to ignore this dish.

– 1 kg of stuffed snails
– 5 shallots
– 1 large ginger
– 2 red peppers horn
– 3 stalks lemon grass
– 1 egg
– Leaves guise, seasoning salt, pepper, sugar, salt, flour and deep fried
– Prepare a pot of water, add ginger, lemon grass, a little salt and vinegar on.
– Soak the snails before processing.
– Wait for the water to boil, then boiled snails in the past.
– Mark all up until the mouth snail unwind.
– Remove the screws to soak in cold water. Cut ass then washed to remove screws viscous.
– Thai ginger, lemongrass, chilies were seeded, dried garlic, shallots (five spices) in large bowl.
– Use your chopsticks out desirably snail. Remove the screws ass. When the building was cleaned, rinsed and put in bowl with five spices.
– For seasoning, pepper, sugar, salt, flour and deep fried (about 4 tablespoons), 1 egg, oil thing in …
– Mix up. To make the spice island tan evenly, you slowly fried dough, divide into 3-4 times to avoid lumps.
– Meanwhile, prepare flood oil pan. Boiling oil.
– Using 2 large spoons. Deft touch each snail has adhered to a decreased in the first spoon. Monday Spoons use to get real deep fat into the pan of boiling oil.
– Leaves guise Cut, cut out.
– When frying first batch of snails, leaves you in sheep’s clothing … then picked leaves and posing in front put large disks.
– Snails fried until golden straw in color, eye, tasty fish out, put in the disc has guise leaves.
– Attention, very old frying oil to boil, when standing buildings standing on the right and quickly to buildings being retired from the five tastes.

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