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Avocado smoothie

Avocado is known as a good friend for women, is a source of abundant fiber to support digestive processes, reduce cholesterol, protect the heart, good immune system, helps the bones, prevent and treatment of colds …
To select avocados are delicious, natural ripening, pregnant mother to find fruit leather stretch but still slightly lumpy ball. You do not get the avocado was limp as easy as overripe avocado. Delicious butter often find slightly soft when squeezed holding your hand steady, not ọp. If not, try to flick into the back of avocado, a little soft then select. Although the tail is not soft but it will mature slowly forward.

1. How do the avocado mango smoothie

Raw materials for mango butter smoothies include:

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– 2 ripe avocados.
– 1 ripe mango.
– Fresh milk or yogurt without sugar.
– Condensed milk.
Steps avocado mango smoothies:
– Peeled, seeded and diced avocado.
– Peel, cut into small cubes.

add sliced mango into the smoothie, add ice and enjoy.
2. How to make avocado shakes custard

Raw materials for making avocado shakes custard

– 150g avocado flesh.

– 150g custard flesh.

– 1 can of sweetened condensed milk.

– 300ml unsweetened milk.

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– 1.5 tablespoons white sugar.

How to make avocado shakes custard
1. Butter and custard peeled, chopped avocado meat obtained such need.
2. Put all ingredients into a blender, grind finely.
Put in the refrigerator compartment 30p cooling is used.
Special vitamin butter custard, match, with the smell of custard and milk
3. How to make avocado banana smoothies
Materials for avocado banana smoothies
– 1 soft ripe avocado.
– Half a banana.
– A box of yogurt (not white milk).
– 1-2 tablespoons of sugar.
Recipe for avocado banana smoothies
– avocado split seeded and grated take the pulp. Banana peeling, cutting small pieces.
– Add avocado, bananas, sugar, yogurt in a blender, blend for 30 seconds Press the mixture until soft blue to match. pour the product into a smoothie cup and then enjoy your freshly prepared nutritious.
4. How to make avocado shakes yogurt
Raw materials for making avocado shakes yogurt
– 1 large avocado.
– 200ml cold milk.
– 1 box of yogurt (about 230-250 ml).
– 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon of milk (fresh drinking preference that you can give more or less according to your taste).
How to make avocado shakes yogurt
– Butter washed, peeled, seeded and shell beads and silk between the meat section from bitter then spoon scoop out a bowl of butter, sugar and mix well.
– Continue to mix sugar butter, add milk, yogurt, boiled water and ice in a blender blend until the mixture blended together and poured thick shakes the cup, custom decorations according to one’s preference.

5. How to make butter with condensed milk smoothie

Raw butter smoothies with milk

– 3 soft avocado. Is butter will be soft because not eat bitter dentist.

– 200ml – 250ml milk with sugar.

– 4 small boxes of condensed milk.

– 3 teaspoons to coconut. (If you like flavor, it can give much more coconut than a bit).

– Sugar (to taste, depending reducers).

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– 1/2 cup of warm water eating half a lemon squeezed AM1 seeded.

– Grinded ice.

– Blender.

How to make butter with condensed milk smoothie

– Avocado peeled, seeded and chopped into a blender (but do not grind always decent).

– Warm water mixed with sugar to dissolve and then pour them into a blender.

– Turn left: condensed milk, fresh milk, coconut milk into the blender.

– Blend the mixture of things on.

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