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Salmon and lettuce salad

Today European cuisine is not too unfamiliar to many the Asians of us . There are many restaurants with delicious food but cooking is the majority of the difficult, in addition the raw materials are hard to find. Today I would like to introduce some European dishes which is easy to make for your family. Salmon and lettuce salad is one such the simple dishes.

– Approximately 200g of fresh and washed lettuce
– 50 g smoked salmon
– Half a cell apple slices
– 2 tablespoons olive oil
– 1 slice of lemon water.
– For the salad on a plate, for apples, salmon on top.
– For little lemon olive oil and stir well prepared salad onto plates.
– Decorate add slices of lemon, shallots preferences.

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Danh mục: Mixed Salad

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